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Various aspects play an important role in our lives as human beings - knowledge, skills, actions, values and philosophy.  These aspects are closely linked and influence each other, forming the basis for our decisions, actions and ultimately our life path.


At I-Brand Consulting, I offer coaching and consulting for authentic branding from the inside out!

Presence, expression, performance, voice and body are important characteristics that represent memorable facets of our self-image.


In my coaching and consulting sessions for language, storytelling, singing, awareness and self-branding, I offer concepts and solutions for individuals, teams and companies who want to optimize their performance and their communication to themselves and/or their audience and their community.


Working on the effectiveness from the inside to the outside is a unique method that combines the craft of "voice" with the external presentation of the self for the first time.  "Ability" in combination with "impact" provides a solid basis for the self to confidently (re)present its own vision, mission and values.


For teams, leaders, entrepreneurs and companies! For beginners, semis and professionals! As a sparring partner, I can step in at any stage. Together we will then develop a customized and personal roadmap!


I look forward to meeting you,

Your Tülay Sanlav

Papa J Sez

Producer, Musician, Singer-Songwriter

I first met Tulay when she was consulting on the Rhonda Smith project that I produced. During our weekly marketing meetings, I was extremely impressed with her consistently insightful input; so much so that I knew I wanted to work with her on my own release. Suffice it to say I got way more than I bargained for… in a good way :-) Tulay has been nothing less than a godsend! She brings a very savvy and up to date International perspective to my branding and marketing efforts. Moreover, she has helped me bring more clarity and focus to my career goals and objectives. I highly recommend her without hesitation."​

"Ich lernte Tulay zum ersten Mal kennen, als sie als Beraterin an dem von mir produzierten Rhonda-Smith-Projekt beteiligt war. Während unserer wöchentlichen Marketing-Meetings war ich sehr beeindruckt von ihrem durchweg aufschlussreichen Input; so sehr, dass ich wusste, dass ich mit ihr an meiner eigenen Veröffentlichung arbeiten wollte. Es genügt zu sagen, dass ich viel mehr bekommen habe, als ich erwartet hatte... auf eine gute Art :-) 

Tulay war nichts weniger als ein Geschenk des Himmels! Sie bringt eine sehr versierte und aktuelle internationale Perspektive in meine Branding- und Marketingbemühungen ein. Außerdem hat sie mir geholfen, mehr Klarheit und Fokus auf meine Karriereziele zu bringen. Ich empfehle sie ohne zu zögern weiter.​"


Tülay Sanlav

Excerpts from my projects as a consultant, concept developer & creative director for companies and entrepreneurs as well as a vocal coach and artist. 

"There is no small or big role in life - there is only the role that you are confident to play.“

- Tülay Sanlav -

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