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The harmonious interplay of authentic branding, leadership, storytelling and teamwork is the essence of a powerful and effective presence in today's world. Let's start briefly with the personal journey of my roots in music and art.


Since childhood, I have used the stage and my father's recording studio as a playground for my creativity, supported by a family that sees the development of the self as something natural and valuable. Through my artistic roots, my journey to an authentic self-esteem system started early. I started singing at the age of 5 and writing songs and lyrics at 12. At the same time, Dad and I earned money with our band at weddings and at the age of 16 I received a partial scholarship to train at the Stage & Musical School. I had just come of age when I got my first record deal, my first big tour and at the same time I was working to finance everything. I was allowed to produce my own albums early on, sang countless advertising songs and earned money as a choir singer – speaker - producer and vocal coach. By the time I founded my first agency "Starpeople Image Design", I knew that my balancing act between art and commerce had grown into a harmonious interplay. In 1999, I received my first major commission from Deutsche Bank, followed by studio coaching, choir jobs and television productions for well-known producers and artists such as Michael Jackson, Jule Neigel, Frank Farian, Moses. P, Sven Väth and many others. 


These experiences have had a lasting impact on me and have contributed to my knowledge of branding, authenticity and storytelling. Today my branding agency is called "DasKonzpt", where as a concept developer, creative director and copywriter with a multidimensional approach I bring together the elements of the sensory pillars such as images, texts, feelings, colours, haptics and music - and above all link them to the essential message and philosophy of my clients. I have been creating customised communication strategies for 25 years and have been able to support and advise companies and entrepreneurs with my expertise.


All my findings flow seamlessly into my work as a coach and consultant, where I support individuals, teams and companies in strengthening their presence.


Through customised coaching and consulting, for example, individual strengths and potentials can be promoted to enable an authentic and effective presentation. I always focus on personal characteristics such as inner presence, expression, voice and body, as it is only from this position that we can demonstrate a powerful and unique presence. This is because an effective leader is able to authentically present their own self (role model) and at the same time inspire and lead their team. 


I would be delighted to act as a sparring partner to help you and/or your team realise your full potential and strengthen your authentic presence. I always say, to sparkle alone is wonderful, but together we shine stronger. 


Your Tülay Sanlav  



Backingvocals Live / Tour / TV / Guest Appearance

  • Michael Jackson "Wetten daß…"

  • Moses Pelham “Black Beat Night - Tour” supporting Chaka Khan, Mother´s Finest, Maze

  • Sidney Youngblood

  • The Temptations

  • DJ Bobo

  • J – Luv “supporting Erikah Badu”, Planet Radio …

  • J- Luv “ Top of the Pops”

  • Corinna May “Eurovision de la Chanson" (Germany / Estonia / Cyprus / Malta)

  • Jule Neigel​

  • Samantha Fox “ZDF Fernsehgarten”

  • and more....


Vocal Coaching/  Backingvocals / Single / Album

  • Mayte

  • Paris Red

  • Patrick Dewayne 

  • Montell Jordan

  • Moses Pelham 

  • Sven Väth 

  • Chima 

  • Eric Hudson

  • Ralph Siegel

  • Frank Farian

  • Tugce San 

  • Thorsten Wingenfelder 

  • B.G. Prince of Rap 

  • Corinna May 

  • Nicole 

  • Greg de Neufville 

  • Marijke

  • Savage World 

  • Mehmet Badan 

  • Franz Benton 

  • Bruda Sven 

  • Miss K. 

  • Sherita Owusu 

  • Julian Smith

  • The Stroke 

  • Hands on the wheel 

  • Oxana & Julia G. 

  • Fresh´n Juicy 

  • Curly 

  • Weibs 

  • Wackside 

  • Deutsche Bank Song feat. Papa Bear, Anna Maria Kaufmann, A. Gero

  • Queensize

  • Bourbon Club

  • and more....


Commercials TV / Radio

  • Coca Cola

  • Mc Donalds 

  • Ford Ka 

  • Jacobs Café 

  • Zewa 

  • Polly Pocket 

  • American Express 

  • Fisher Price 

  • Nescafé 

  • Radio FFH 

  • Live Radio 

  • Nestlé “Kindercountry” 

  • Mon Cherié 

  • Granini 

  • Phillip Morris 

  • Eti 

  • Gutfried 

  • Luisenbrunnen 

  • Barbie 

  • Patos 

  • Milupa 

  • Phantasialand 

  • Tefal 

  • Mövenpick 

  • Maggi

  • and more....


 Branding / Consulting  / Conception / Marketing

  • Deutsche Bank

  • Karstadt

  • Nick Milo ( Los Angeles)

  • Rhonda Smith ( Los Angeles)

  • Joey Sommerville / Papa J Sez (Atlanta)

  • Dunkin Donuts - Germany

  • Dog´ n Roll (Los Angeles)

  • E Plus - Ayyildiz

  • Biotherm

  • Hakle

  • Dahm International Consulting

  • NordWestZentrum Frankfurt

  • Kayeree

  • Rpt 1 - Raffael Wagenhoff

  • Fashionlink USA  (Los Angeles)

  • Frankfurt Fashionl Lounge

  • Franz Fischer

  • Nechia

  • Michael Ameer

  • The Legends Frankfurt

  • The Doorman Serviced Apartments

  • TNT Thurn ´N Taxis Palais

  • Restaurants Druckwasserwerk

  • Restaurant Weidenhof

  • Café Harveys

  • Americano Café (Texas)

  • Die Rheinpfalz

  • Emgeg Management

  • GIV Service

  • KASB Schulungen

  • Hotel Mainchateau

  • and many more...


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