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Business storytelling is an effective and versatile communication tool. It is used to convey the values, goals and messages of a company, team or person in a sustainable and concise way.


The elements of authentic narrative structure, dramaturgy and the right tone can transform complex information into a memorable presentation.


Because a good story, including the right amount of detail and content, its meaning and the way it is presented, is the symbiosis that creates a lasting and impressive connection with the target audience. 

Suitable for:

  • Executives

  • Individual employees

  • Leaders

  • Technical experts

  • Sales experts


Duration: between 3 - 4 hours

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Conveying complex information and values in an understandable and memorable way. We develop a presentation with storytelling that can inspire, motivate and reduce skepticism in both internal and customer-oriented situations. 



Memorable communication:

People tend to remember stories better than dry facts, ensuring that the company's message is remembered for a long lasting time.


Assign a narrative arc to the story:

We develop a clear dramaturgy consisting of the elements of introduction, conflict, climax and resolution to create tension and interest. 


The right tone sets the music. This also applies to the narrative style. Not only the elements of a good story are important, but also the way in which it is presented.


As a participant, you will leave the session with a greater awareness of your natural strengths and with an action plan to further develop your own unique style.  

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