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for speaking and singing

Studio and stage presence requires self-confidence and the courage to be authentic. The main goal is to "touch the audience" - for example through a song, a speech or a live performance. Each performer may have different challenges.  Regardless of whether it's a speech, song or rap, in the end the only thing that counts in storytelling is conveying authenticity and emotion.


As a vocal coach, I can help with the following preparations:

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Presence-strengthening exercises for posture, movement, announcements and interaction with the audience.


Help to overcome nervousness.


The correct integration of pauses for thought such as speeches and more...


Concepts and preparation for performances, tours, auditions etc.

Recording Studio

Coaching for songs, podcasts or audio books before recording.


Coaching during the recording, gladly in collaboration with the producer.


Assistance with choral passages and adlibs / improvisation.


Joint compilation of a repertoire, set list, stage program and much more, suitable for the voice in connection with the genre.


Be a storyteller! 

Charismatic.a personality with your own style. Stay confident. This may sound like a big challenge to some, but it's not rocket science. In the end, you can only win here. 

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