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Goal-oriented I-Brand Coachings.


Potential and experience are moving elements of life.


Arriving is a constantly moving process that changes with our age, the ever-changing circumstances and new goals that we (hopefully) set ourselves from time to time. 


When I look back on the past decades of experiences I have been able to gather, there is only one constant that has never changed. It is called the learning process. 


Why is this important for me to mention? 


In my coaching sessions, there are only certain technical things that are anchored as the basis for learning and that I will introduce to you. For example, breathing techniques and coherent elements. Everything else is tailored to each individual.  Because every personality has a different goal, different challenges, wishes, strengths and weaknesses. I will address these and together we will determine the goal and its stages.


It is important to know that ultimately we can only arrive within ourselves - regardless of what others think of us or how others see or evaluate us.  But I hope that I can be a helpful building block and companion on your journey.


I look forward to seeing you and thank you for the trust you have placed in me.


Tülay Sanlav

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