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This coaching is for all speakers, whether executives, artists, politicians - in other words, for speakers who want to present what they have to say in an authentic and unforced manner. 


Voice training focuses on improving the clarity, resonance and overall effectiveness of spoken communication. We improve communication skills with individual voice training and work on breathing, posture, timbre, articulation and volume.


The coaching will also support free and spontaneous speaking.

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Skilful diaphragmatic breathing ensures that the body has enough breath for a sustained speech.


Mastering your breathing not only helps you to speak evenly and in a controlled manner - it also increases your lung capacity enormously and allows more oxygen to enter the body.


We determine the most suitable pitch and work on tone color and dynamics to avoid monotony and make the speech more engaging.




We develop a resonant voice by speaking from the diaphragm and

experimenting with the placement of our own voice to find the most resonant tone.


Expressiveness: Use facial expressions and body language to complement the spoken words. Vary intonation to convey different feelings or meanings.



Pace of speech:

Speaking too fast or too slow - skillful pauses in a speech effectively help the audience process the information better.


Developing clear pronunciation and precise articulation of words, because correct articulation looks professional and stands for competence.



Too unnatural? Yes, that also exists. Here we work on a pleasant and natural way of speaking.


We learn how volume modulates different situations and how even the last listener in the last row can still hear the quietest sounds.

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